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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can access all the studies we have in your area by creating an account and clicking on your dashboard.

New opportunities are posted all the time and, once you create an account, we will notify you about any new studies that become available.

All studies are different but the majority will provide payment for your time and travel costs for anyone who participates. Each study also compensates its participants differently and you are welcome to ask the research staff for these details about the specific study in which you are interested.

No, once you sign up and opt-in for a specific study, we will send your information to your local research site. They will review your submission and contact you to discuss the study and ask you a few questions. After talking with them they will most likely schedule an office visit for you to come in to determing your eligibility.

The doctor overseeing the study will also discuss the study with you and, after you are determined eligible by the research staff and choose to join the study will you officially be enrolled.

No. Participating in a research study does not require insurance. Participants typically receive study-related medical exams for the condition being studied, as well as compensation.

Trial Partners was founded in 2019 with the goal of allowing people to access new medical treatments and help doctors advance medical research. We connect people to local research facilities and help to spread the word about new studies that are available for participation.

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